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PITTUSINA, painting in resins

PITTUSINA, pittura in resina

THE RESEARCH. In my professional research on the pictorial materials, I experimented various creative soluttions, both traditional and new. One of most interesting results has been the combination of a traditional and ancient material (the japanese paper) and one of teh most contemporary materials: the synthetic resin. The result is something I named PITTUSINA (Pittura e resina)

THE TECHNICAL PROCEDURE. A figure is painted or printed on an extremely light and delicate sheet of paper. After this the sheet is plunged in the resins, and thanks to the affinity between the two materials the paper disappears leaving the picture and a light shadow in the final work. This allows the artwork to assume an appearence of tridimensionality and floating. Further experiments with fluorescent colors has lead to interesting effects with lights and perspective effects.

IMPLEMENTATIONS. La PITTUSINA The PITTUSINA tecnique offers new possibilities to forniture and walls decorations, for a special effect in the living spaces. It could be an interesting evolution of the ancient italian artistic heritage. At the same time PITTUSINA can be an answer to theones who want to further frome the minimalistic tendencies of contemporary design, which risks to make our buildings and living spaces cold and impersonal.

THE INDUSTRIAL TRADE MARK. PITTUSINA is a intellectual product which is protected by a patent pending (N° 0001367280, november the 23rd, 2009).

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Marianna Petronelli,

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